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PAS 5.1.1

PAS 5.1.1

PhenixID is proud to announce the new release of PhenixID Authentication Services (PAS) 5.1.1. This new release includes defect fixes and addition of minor functions for the 5.1 release, and is recommended for all 5.1 installations.

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Bug fixes


The 5.1.1 release includes 21 important bug fixes for the 5.1 release, including: 

  • LDAP connections can leak upon reconfiguration
  • SAML SP will not verify detached signatures
  • Vulnerabilities mitigation
  • BankID issues

New/updated features

The 5.1.1 version also includes 15 improvements adding value to your solution. Improvements includes for example:

  • Possibility for the administrator to decide behavior when visible signature cannot be added
  • Signature assignements in PhenixID OneTouch
  • NiAS, SITHs and FIDO2 protocol agnostic authenticators

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