December 21, 2021

New IAM releases from PhenixID

PhenixID are proud to announce the new release of PhenixID Identity Provisioning 5.7.0 and PhenixID Identity Manager 5.4.0. The new release improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.


A well requested feature has been to more granular filter functionality. Now you can filter your search result grid for all users. See filter example to the left with Name that starts with Bob or Tom both represented in the table.


Categories in Identity Manager now support auto-expand upon login for improved user experience. See image to the right.

PhenixID products always aim to include the latest updates for supporting libraries and supporting modules. Since identity products should be seen as security software we strongly recommend all customers to update implementations as frequent as possible. All dependencies in the /lib folder have been reviewed and a lot of them have been updated to new versions.

PIM 5.7.0 includes log4j-X-2.17.0.jar where the log4j version 2 vulnerability is resolved. Log4j version 1 has been deprecated and is not supported.


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Read full release notes for Identity Manager here

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