June 21, 2023

Patch Release – PhenixID Authentication Services (PAS) 4.6.1

This new release includes defect fixes for the 4.6 release, and is recommended for all 4.6 installations.

Bug fixes


The 4.6.1 release includes the following fixes

  • PHX-3010 Add success URL redirect option to SithsEID

    SithsEID now includes the possibility to configure success URL

  • PHX-3024 SithsEidSignValve is not working in PAS 4.6

    Issue resolved

  • PHX-3051 Signing broken using HSM

    Problem when using HSM for signing now resolved

  • PHX-3064 SAML Request security improvements

    Security improvements when processing SAML requests

  • PHX-3070 The OIDCToSAMLBroker does not handle prompt=none

    Issue resolved. If parameter prompt is set to value “none”, no user interaction is needed

See patch release information for 4.6.1 and read the full release notes for Authentication Services 4.6 here: